About us

GTS Communications was founded in 2000 by its director, Alan Scott.

The company is now a successful family business based in West Midlands but carries out projects nationally, across Europe, America and the Caribbean.

The company started from humble beginnings with Alan Scott registering the business on a laptop from his car.


2000 - Present

Alan Scott had spent the previous 20 years working as a branch manager for a Birmingham-based organisation on million pound contracts gaining valuable and expert knowledge along with building a strong business network across the data communications industry.

Once Alan set up GTS Communications it wasn’t long before former clients started to follow, showing testament to the professional working relationships that had been developed over the previous 20 years.

Alan puts this down to the most important value GTS Communications hold – “It’s the quality of work that drives us as a business.”

Along with high quality Alan also has a track record of innovating often designing and building systems and products before they become best practice in the sector.

Examples include evolving designs and sets up to meet client’s infrastructure and needs as well as building splitters before the produced existed on the market.