Data cabling

The backbone of your IT infrastructure


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Our data cabling installations provides you with a 25-year guarantee on all our installs including; CAT5, CAT6, voice and fibre.

Data cabling or structured cabling is the vital backbone of any IT infrastructure within your business.

It allows you to connect your devices together via your internet networks including PCs, VOIP phone systems and TVs. 

GTS Comms can install and terminate data cables including CAT5, CAT6 and fibre optic cables with our qualified and dedicated structured cabling team. 

We can design, install and support you with your data cabling infrastructure either with an existing or new network.

Each of our installs comes with a 25 year guarantee giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on the rest of your business.  


Flexible – Having a flexible data cable network will allow you to scale up over time, improve performance and improvement performance driving growth of your business.

Cost-effective – Data cabling when delivered to a high standard will reduce time on location and rectifying any potential issue meaning you’ll save on -maintenance costs and minimise down time.

Future proof – Having a data cable network that is reliable and adaptable will allow your business to respond quickly to change so your infrastructure will last, grow with the needs of your business and be tweaked or upgraded rather than replaced.

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