How we work?

Here’s GTS Comms short five simple steps to how our service works and how we work with our clients.


Whether you know the exact project specifications or you don’t know where to start, we’re more than happy to have an informal chat about what your requirements are for your business.

You can give us a call on 0121 423 2477 or email for an initial discussions to find out more information and plan next steps.

Free consultation & design

Our free consultation service will see our qualified and expert staff attend your business for a site visit to assess the current infrastructure and also to speak with you in more detail about the system you’re after.

Free quote

Once we’ve completed our free consultation, we’ll send you our proposal which includes an itemised quote.


Once agreed, our expert staff will arrive on site to carry out the project. We are always happy to work around business hours if needed to ensure our work is as disruption-free as possible.

All work is carried out to a high standard and we ensure we leave all our work areas clean and presentable upon delivery to the client.


After the work is completed we’ll have a full handover with you, showing you where the work has been carried out (includes photos) and providing you with a full and detailed owner’s manual which labels the work and ensures you have peace of mind should you require support from other sectors that need plans of the infrastructure.